Computer Generated Images (CGI)

Where architecture and interior design meets the marine industry.

Architectural Visualisation is an integral part of any creative design process.  At Solidwave, we provide 3D yacht visualisation services for all stages of internal and external yacht design through to producing marketing and promotional material.    

Interior and exterior photo-real visuals for design and marketing purposes.  Having an image of the finished product allows designers to convincingly present a concept at any stage of the design, an essential part of the creative process.

Liaising with interior design teams to provide preliminary internal visualisations for client sign-off, including confirmation of colour schemes, layouts, viewpoints, and composition. Elements can be refined in real-time with interior designers.

We produce images that give a high level of realism, giving an accurate visual representation of design features.  One of the images here is a photo, the other our render.

A collaborative process with the client at the concept stage of the project.  The creation of a prototype allows the designer to assess hull and deck plans with a 3D walk-around, creative solutions are offered to confirm principle design and technical characteristics.  

Working with marketing teams to develop a particular style of visual to give a unique and consistent brand identity.

Where a camera cannot show the whole area, a 3d cutaway rendering offers a great and simple solution to view how spaces work.

By combining visual elements from photos and CGI models, we create the illusion that all of those elements are parts of the same.  Therefore producing high resolution photo-real imagery to convincingly display your project in any setting you can possibly imagine .  A collaborative creative process, we offer dynamic running shots, can add crew, and set in desired locations. 

Yacht CGI interior layout is a great way to complement interior and exterior stills.  The 3d aspect allows the client to understand the size and shape of a furnished yacht in a simple and visual way.