The virtual boatshow app is a 3D immersive system which is able to produce high-quality images, animations, interactive walkthroughs, bespoke brochures,  and VR experiences.

All of this can be packaged into one app along with the ability to render in real time. Live changes to colour, finishes and layouts can be seen at the click of a button. Integration with features can be incorporated to allow the user to explore options in the most immersive way possible.

Not only can new concepts and designs be presented in a number of different ways but all of the different options and configurations can also be easily included. 

This system can be used throughout the life of the product providing a means to show all of the different options as well as design updates and revisions .

Solidwave has been providing high quality visualisation to the marine industry for over 14years.   We are confident our new system will change the face of computer-generated imagery in the marine industry, and will be the perfect addition to your Boat Show stand or meeting room.  The virtual boat show app can also be hooked up to any monitor and can even be viewed remotely on a phone or tablet.